Role of Government

What should be the role of government?  Every year government seems to creep into more and more arenas of society – segments previously considered personal, or serviced by the private sector, or embraced by civic and religious organizations.  Yet more and more, I am hearing people of all political persuasions begging for less government invasion into our private worlds.

In contemplating what our Founding Fathers envisioned in this great experiment called America, two primary purposes emerge.  First, government exists to protect and defend our unalienable rights – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Such defense must encompass strong national, state and local protection.  Second, government exists to provide the needed infrastructures for us to exercise our liberties.  In particular, government should fill those roles that are difficult, if not impossible, for the private sector to effectively or completely service.  Roadways are but one example.

Is it possible now to un-ring the bell of seemingly uncontrolled government expansion?  Many believe it is simply too late – that our downhill momentum cannot be reversed.  But just as Rome was not built in a day, so too, we cannot instantly turn this government ship around.  We can, however, start the process, one degree at a time.  Such change likely will not come from the top down (largely due to self-preservation instincts).  Instead, it will need to grow from the bottom up – from the great people of this nation who still believe it can be “a shining city on a hill.”  Collectively, we must demand that our leaders stop taking away our liberties through progressive taxation and excessive regulation and instead refocus on opening liberty’s doors once again.  And to that end, I commit my campaign.

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